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About the book

‘Growing Out Loud’ is an uncompromising, unapologetic polemic. It is also a tutorial woven around the memoir of K. Rashid Nuri’s career in agriculture. He began writing the book six years ago, but could not fi­nish until he created an ending for the stories. He says one of the greatest stories of his life is birthing and growing Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture in Atlanta. That work brought many of the tributaries of his search for service into a single rushing river. Relinquishing leadership of Truly Living Well provided an opportunity to create a first ending for the stories.

“Over my journey as an elder revolutionary, is the context of a set of principles and practices that marked my growth along the way. These principles and practices both summarize the spirit of me as a revolutionary and serve as reminders and course correctors when the going gets tough. Self-awareness, surveillance, strategy and skills, sustenance, structure, synergy, and service fi­lled my backpack and served me well.”


“Rashid Nuri’s story is one of life, liberty and the pursuit of something greater than happiness – a civic agricultural system for all. From a pioneering Black man at Harvard in 1960s with an endless thirst for knowledge and meaning to a globetrotting farmer across the planet, Nuri's Growing Out Loud takes us on his journey and reshapes our thoughts on the scale and importance of urban food systems.”

– Mario Cambardella / City of Atlanta Urban Ag. Director

Growing Out Loud is a book that everyone who cares about our collective future should read and learn from. It's a fun book to read, not only documenting a highly accomplished life, but also taking an unflinching look at what is wrong with our global system of food production.

– Bill Bolling Food Well Alliance